Past Projects

SUNCO works with the Egyptian Military on the second biggest army base in the middle east on greenhouse project

Sunco Eg is an indoor greenhouse project based in Alexandria, Egypt. The project was initiated to increase the food supply. Indoor greenhouses provide an ideal environment for efficient growing, longer growing seasons, weather protection, and prevention of bests and provision of an option to grow non-native plants.

Sunco Eg worked with the Egyptian military in Alexandria, Egypt on the second-largest military base in the Middle East. The primary role of the Sunco Eg was to provide an adequate supply of food across the military base. The Egyptian military had to invest over a billion dollars in the establishment of the greenhouse operation. This project was developed under over 100,000 hectors of temperate greenhouses. The greenhouses were put up to grow and supply the rest of Egypt and other countries with their produce. The organization has plans to expand its operations to the North American Region. Being one of the most important sources of food security, the project was directly supervised by the Prime Minister.

The organization was to be involved in the opening of the market for the North American region and would have established packing houses directly inside the military base. As a whole organization, we would be in charge of opening their brand of Egyptian products for Chin and SEA. Adding an indoor greenhouse solves high costs of energy and improves dreary solutions. Regardless of gardening style, indoor greenhouses improve planting efficiency and outcomes. Greenhouses provide a variety of farming solutions that are essential for guaranteeing a stable supply of food.

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We recognize that improving the livelihoods of people often occurs at the local level, where an individual takes action in their communities. Our charity movement works in Mexico, China, and the United States. We know that our resources alone are not sufficient; therefore, we work to change attitudes, behaviors, and policies to improve people’s lives. Our movement partners with governments including private and public sectors. Therefore, our organization has partnered with the government of Mexico in charitable programs.

Our organization is completely self-funded by our private organizational members, we don’t accept donations, and however, we raise donations for our supported charities. To raise our donations, in doing food drives, we believe that giving people tools to lead healthy and productive lives, we are helping them to eliminate poverty. Through medical supply donations, we intend to combat infectious diseases that affect the poor. Our movement champions for free educational information for the children and donates law enforcement. Our philanthropy is established on people and partnerships; therefore, we guarantee employment sourcing and volunteering programs. The company intends to inspire people to take action to change the world through education and agriculture.

Sunco has launched many movements. Our staff, grantees, and partners play a critical role in ensuring that we achieve our vision. Our organization donates to international fund for animal welfare, ASPCA, Red- world land trust, the ifaw-international fund for animal welfare, ASPCA, Red-Cross, the conservation fund, New-York restoration project, the New-York policed fence foundation, and the environmental defense fund among others.

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Argsi is a leading brand in New Jersey that brings together recycling agricultural and commercial plastic expertise. This scrap processing machinery firm carries out its services in 3 locations in the tri-state. It is listed on the government website on the NJ department of agriculture as the primary company that treats all the agricultural wastes. Treating this waste is challenging due to the pesticides found on the plastics.

Since its establishment, the firm has already diverted more than 100 million pounds of reusable waste from landfills. These do not decompose quickly, and they require 10 to 1000 years to decompose. Globally, Argsi has assisted over 100 corporations by helping them create efficient recycling programs. The firm also entitles to helping the companies to establish their greener energy recycling programs.

Argsi has a department that focuses on green energy technology to run pelletizing lines from recycled plastics. It has also done some pyrolysis projects that relate to the transformation of waves to energy. The firm did this with assistance from the HUA Mei industries; it was given the mandate to handle and research pollution reduction technology by the Chinese government. Hua Mei industries run all the power plants and infrastructure in China.

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Sunco Scrap is a scrap metal recycling company. The company deals with metal recycling, industrial waste collection and transportation or disposal, building, dismantling operations, and general waste collection and transportation. Sunco Scrap is headquartered in New York, the United States where it had three scrap yards. The company is located in the United States, China and Japan. Our goal as Sunco is to achieve 100% recycle rate, our management keeps challenging the goal by strengthening our facilities and system construction.

As an organization that is deeply rooted in the community, Sunco Scrap studies steady management suited to our local society. We don’t intend to change this attitude in future. Our management is willing to continue working with local people for their contributions and benefits to society. The company strives to protect the global environment by collecting and processing waste materials. The need for protection of the global environment is increasing on daily basis. The ability to handle waste properly for companies and homes is becoming more difficult. At our company, under our collective mission of “Recycling protects the future environment” recycles products that are recyclable.

Our company is actively investing in the latest equipment in order to realize lean and smooth processing. Our company also procures various facilities and vehicles to ensure that there are proper processing and transportation of the scrap. Our vehicles are always clean to maintain our image of a neat and healthy environment. Our objective is to provide quality services such that our customers can leave their waste metal materials with confidence in our collection and processing role.

Sky Reach deals with seafood processing and distribution of Andros. Sky Reach has its headquarters in Andros, three other locations in New York, and two in Mexico. It has an FDA-approved facility in Andros of about 10,000 square feet, 14 boats, and a boat crew of 25. The company obtained its first license of exporting in Andros, and it has established more than 120 jobs to the local people. The firm runs food drives of the local community within Andros. Within the tri-state area, Sky Reach has supplied its services to many large Asian restaurants and supermarkets. Our food drives is a way to get teams and communities together.

Initially, the company had a processing facility in Guangzhou of 50000 square feet and a workforce of around 40. The seafood gets distributed to 5-star restaurant chains and high-end supermarkets in China. Sky Reach was once responsible for the supply of the leading seafood owned by the government distribution company. It is responsible for supplying the main seafood used for HZB because it markets heavily in China. The company has helped China’s government source out seafood and its processing facilities in a long way.



Since the day of the company’s establishment, we have customers across the globe in five countries and thirteen cities and provinces. With the unique resources available in China, we are an international trade and public relations consulting company with our professional translators located in the United States, China, Europe, Thailand, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong as well as other key business locations.

We have foot prints throughout many industries, to include the international steel market, health care, chemical, biological products, blood products, medical devices, and dietary supplements. In addition, our company assist enterprises in China to establish hospitals, pharmaceutical plants, and other large medical projects as well as professional marketing and management for medical products.

We have not only helped many business successfully enter China, but we have assisted them in taking a large market share and being a significant role in their processes entering into Asia-Pacific market. As a result, we have established ourselves as an outstanding leader in the industry.

For each different product, we develop a specialized marketing and business strategy for your unique processes. We provide your company with one-on-one services for the field we specialize in as well as products in other diverse markets. In addition, our company provides personalized assistance in finding opportunities of cooperation in sales and partnership after your business launch in the Chinese market. The positive customer feedback and evaluations we have received from our satisfied customers are our best performance indicators. Click here to check out our

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