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Sunco movement

We recognize that improving the livelihoods of people often occurs at the local level, where an individual takes action in their communities. Our charity movement works in Mexico, China, and the United States. We know that our resources alone are not sufficient; therefore, we work to change attitudes, behaviors, and policies to improve people’s lives. Our movement partners with governments including private and public sectors. Therefore, our organization has partnered with the government of Mexico in charitable programs.

Our organization is completely self-funded by our private organizational members, we don’t accept donations, and however, we raise donations for our supported charities. To raise our donations, in doing food drives, we believe that giving people tools to lead healthy and productive lives, we are helping them to eliminate poverty. Through medical supply donations, we intend to combat infectious diseases that affect the poor. Our movement champions for free educational information for the children and donates law enforcement. Our philanthropy is established on people and partnerships; therefore, we guarantee employment sourcing and volunteering programs. The company intends to inspire people to take action to change the world through education and agriculture.

Sunco has launched many movements. Our staff, grantees, and partners play a critical role in ensuring that we achieve our vision. Our organization donates to international fund for animal welfare, ASPCA, Red- world land trust, the ifaw-international fund for animal welfare, ASPCA, Red-Cross, the conservation fund, New-York restoration project, the New-York policed fence foundation, and the environmental defense fund among


Sunco Seafood

Sunco seafood is a seafood processing company focusing on Mexican types of seafood for the demand of the US and China market. Sunco has operated a 120,000 sq feet facility with over 120 workers with a fleet of 12 boats. Throughout the years, Sunco Seafood has scaled down operations from fishing operations to mainly processing operations. Sunco still holds partnership with Government affiliated companies within China and has plans to build a new FDA processing seafood facility within Mexico by the end of 2022.


Bizzy Tours

Bizzy tours stationed in Puerto Vallarta Mexico is a company focused on the travel industry within the state of Jalisco, Mexico. Offering the highest end of dining, vocational homes and activities to international travelers worldwide. Puerto Vallarta, an area with over 4-5 million people visiting annually and a destination to more than 300 cruise ships monthly. An area like this is only made possible with their exclusive growing activities where big names such as Vidanta world are beginning to construct into. Besides offering a maximum fun at our tour experiences, Bizzy is in the midst of building one of the biggest music festival venues within the area to be completed by late 2022 to early 2023. We hope to see you there soon.


Sunco Movil

Sunco Movil, operating under MB movil and TK movil in Mexico with a partnership with Tkinov in Mexico City. Sunco Movil is a mobile company focusing on providing big unions and companies with cellular service at a more affordable rate in the country of Mexico. As most cellular users average a 4.3 GB to 5.6 GB data use monthly, we aim to provide users with more than sufficient data as our world becomes to adapt to a more technical world in the upcoming years. Sunco Movil is trying to stay ahead of trajectory rapid growth for the use of cellular services in these areas to help the lower income union workers to accommodate for what is necessary to keep in touch with the world.

Sunco Movil, will be working with a few of Mexico’s largest Union leaders and companies to make this vision a reality. Sunco Movil will also be providing cellular equipment and other related equipment to ensure the delivery of service will be as promising as our project’s leaders’ visions. Sunco Movil will also open a chain of cell phone stores in the areas which we wish to have users adapt to our service to make switching to our service more at ease. Sunco Mobile hopes to expand to the US and Canada by the end of 2022 during our next year’s expansion plan.


Sunco Development

Sunco Development is a company stationed in Jalisco, Mexico. Sunco development mainly focuses on the building of towers and villas in tourist areas in Mexico. In Puerto Vallarta, an area with approximately 5 million travelers annually is currently where Sunco Development will begin putting up rental properties as well as event venues.

According to Airbnb data, profits from rental within this area sucedes 192 million across around 7200 properties. Sunco Development goes into motion by the end of 2022, is partnered with some of the largest developers in NYC and will be working together to ensure these developments will be built with all the amenities.

Sunco Development focuses on building high end luxury projects hoping to be able to create an environment for our guests to have unforgettable memories. We look forward to seeing you at our timeshare introduction events.


Ekimz Trading – Import/Export

Sunco Export deal with processing and export of meat. The company specializes in the finest meats and other products. The organizations have and are currently operating in various market locations. Being an established organization, we source over 1000 containers of chicken/pork/cow monthly for global food processing organizations on monthly basis.

After spending several years and resources to create a system to ensure the continuous growth of our organization, we finally figured out what we actually needed to do. Our company partnered with institutions like the Deputy of Congress Chiapas, Institute of indigenous affairs north Veracruz, the CNV national council of bonding, and the SAFARPA-Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development and fisheries SAGARPA for export of meat all in the process of trying to obtain the 8th export permit for meat from Mexico. We believe in teamwork, our community is committed to providing the highest level of service to our large customer base. Together we can work effectively for a better tomorrow.

Our objective is to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction by remaining committed and focused on supplying products which meet the needs of the customer. Our modern processing and packing plant will continue to ensure all our products are of the highest standard of hygiene and food safety.


SuncoMX Produce Grower / Distributor

SuncoMX is a produce growing, packaging, processing, and distribution company out of New York and Mexico that owns the produce packaging facility. As mentioned, the company operates out of Mexico with its greenhouses and farms. It has a workforce of 50 and produces packaging houses installed with packing machinery.

In partnership with the local government, SuncoMX creates cheaper alternatives for farmers. It also provides free, educative information to all growers who operate locally. The company teaches them how to lower their input cost and then find the perfect market for their products.

The information about SuncoMX’s chief operations consultant’s appointment by the citrus association in Sinaloa and the meeting on produce held with Serapa ended up in a newspaper. With collaboration from Egyptian engineers, we offer the best field consultation services, and we help the government source agricultural equipment to work efficiently with; Sinaloa Citrus Organization, Puebla Citrus Organization, Mexicali Citrus Association, Pueblas Union of Citrus Producers, Fruit Association of Michoacan, The Agricultural Administration State of Chiapas and State Committee of Legal Health, in Vera Cruz.

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Sunco Medical – Ekimz Enterprise

Ekimz Inc is a related medical company operating out of New York, China, and Mexico that deals with Government certified products. The company is responsible for medical supply inspection; it also offers sourcing and consultation services. It was appointed by the government agencies to facilitate the efficient allocation of medical supplies from credible suppliers. Ekimz Inc has been at the forefront of assisting HMA medical, which the Chinese government-appointed to launch medical programs and services in North America.

The company handles product validity and inspection for other parties in China. One of the seven first Chinese federally approved manufactures for 15 minutes COVID rapid test, which sets to expand into South America, appointed the Ekimz Inc. During its tenure, the company has offered free services during the COVID-19 period for charitable organizations working in New York City. The company has been able to donate to any organization from when COVID-19 erupted up to now. Some of these organizations include the military, police, and hospitals.

Ekimz Inc works closely with a few Chinese appointees in the exportation of standard n95 masks. Lately, the company has held talks with the government to open free COVID testing centres to those in need. It works directly with China’s FDA by assisting medical device and product registration of any foreign product entering China. It was made possible by affiliating with 1000 military hospitals that service the military of China.