Our Mission


Sunco is headquartered in New York City with its subdivisions, fractions and subsidiaries’ locations in all different parts of the globe. The earliest Subdivision was founded in 1987 as a small scrap company in New York and through our endeavors, the Sunco Organization has evolved from that small company to the parent of an umbrella of international corporations. Sunco works with like-minded corporations with the assistance of Governments of different countries prioritizing projects with benefits to the world at heart. Our divisions operating globally are actively engaging and encouraging projects relating to Government certified products surrounding mainly to the industries of agriculture, medical and technology.

To some, Sunco is a company, but to our teams, Sunco is a spirit.
Sunco which signifies  “New High”, symbolizes the motivation we have at Sunco –the motivation for growth.
However we view a ‘new high’ similar to a state of happiness- a destination that can never be reached unless it stems from within.
Therefore we try to invoke the Sunco Spirit into the core of what makes Sunco who we are- our people.
Utilizing the resources we have, we aim to assist our teams to achieve their maximum potential with Sunco’s business principles and self funded educational programs.

For our team of office personnel that keeps the heart of Sunco’s operations together, we hope to inspire them by expanding their knowledge in various fields through education and business mentoring. By assisting them on ways to learn new abilities, they can quench their quest for knowledge so that they will be prepared to take on unprecedented challenges. We hope by doing so we can induce growth of their adventurous spirits so they can confidently venture into the unknown.

For our manual labor teams like our farmers that oversee our agriculture operations, we provide agricultural conferences,which discusses the newest global technologies, information and products to enhance their current techniques while minimizing costs. We aim to promote new ideas and methods adapted from experts in different parts of the world to increase their efficiency.  We hope by doing so, we can promote curiosity and promote their sense of open-mindedness.

For our international business teams on the frontline of our import/export operations, we are constantly bridging new connections and forming stable foundations to execute projects that sprout innovative ideas amongst like minded people across the globe. We hope by doing so, our teams can teach and learn from each other throughout different parts of the world, bypassing cultural differences,to be able to strategically distribute resources to where they would be most beneficial to the people.  By working in unity with people of all backgrounds, and sharing the same goals, hopefully, our teams can promote growth in tolerance and compassion.

For our medical staff that offers medical related services, we offer access to proprietary medical technology that we have obtained through our partnerships to ensure that they can carry on their operations with state of the art tools. With assistance from certain governments, we allow them be able to deliver and distribute required medical products and services to  the less developed areas. We do this to remind our medical staff of how many private,public and governments across the world support their cause, and hopefully this will bring their helping spirits to a new high.

For our charity and volunteering teams that offer their services and money to help the less fortunate in the less privileged areas, we offer the lending hands of all our supporting divisions to help them carry out their self-less incentives.  Being that our program is self-funded by our divisions, this allows our team to carry on their compassionate mission of feeding the hungry and aiding education institutions without the requirement of financial help of donors. We hope that this will spread a message of  peace, love and togetherness, so hopefully, we can bring the coverage and effectiveness of these programs to their new high.

Our business mission might be filled with a lot of  “hopes”, but to us, where there is no hope, there will be no growth.

We don’t know where our journeys will eventually take us in the future, but we hope that wherever our teams go, we will be able to carry on spreading certain qualities of the Sunco Spirit:
to inspire and educate others,
to be courageously brave to take on the things unknown,
to learn and to be tolerant of each other, and
to remain compassionate and loving.
Because to us, anyone that embraces these qualities have already achieved a “New High” in their humanity.

For wherever there is humanity, there will be growth, and for whenever there is growth, there will be hope.

Although we know it is naive for us to think we can change the world, but the least we can do is hope.

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